The health risks of overweight and obese people

Being obese or overweight is not only about the outside but it can increase health problems. When your body mass index gets higher, you are putting yourself at risk of suffering the Coronary heart disease or CHD. This is when the waxy substance known as plaque can build in the coronary arteries and such arteries are used to supply the blood in the heart. The plaque is going to block or to narrow the coronary arteries and it reduces the blood flow within the muscle of the heart; it may be because of the angina or the heart attack or discomfort and chest pain. The obesity may lead to the heart failure. It is a serious problem when the heart is not able to pump the right level of blood in order to meet the needs of the body.

The high blood pressure is when the blood does push against the arteries’ walls when it pumps the blood. When the pressure had been raised and it had stayed high for some time, it is going to damage your body in different ways. The chances for someone to suffer high blood pressure are higher for someone who is obese or who is overweight.

Stroke: when you are obese or overweight, the plaque that can build up in the arteries. After sometime, the plaque may rupture and this may lead to the forming of the blood clot. When the clot gets close to the brain, it may block the oxygen and the blood to the brain and this leads to the stroke. The stroke risk rises when the BMI gets higher.

The type 2 diabetes: the diabetes is when the blood sugar or blood glucose is higher. Normally, the body can break down the food in the glucose and it may carry them to the cells within the body. The cells have to use the hormones called the insulin in order to turn the glucose in the energy. For the type 2 diabetes, the cells of the body are not using the insulin in the proper way. In this way, the body will first react and it will try to produce the insulin more. As the time passes, the body fails to produce the right insulin in order to control the level of the blood sugar. The diabetes is one of the leading causes of the blindness, kidney disease, CHD and early death. Most people who also type 2 diabetes are also overweight.

Abnormal blood fat, if someone is obese or overweight, you are at risk of suffering the high level of the blood fats. They include high level of the triglycerides with the LDL or bad cholesterol with low level of HDL of good cholesterol. People who are obese or overweight may raise the risks of cancer of gallbladder, endometrial, breast and colon.

Osteoarthritis is the common joint of the problem for the lower back, hips and knees. The condition may take place when the tissue that protects the joints starts to wear out. The extra weight adds the pressure on the joints and it may lead to the pain.